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The Golden Gate Chapter of the Vintage Volkswagen Club of America is open to anyone with an interest in air-cooled Volkswagens.

Ownership of a VW is not a prerequisite. Since we are a subgroup of the Vintage Volkswagen Club Of America, it is recommended that you also become a member of the National VVWCA. Membership in the VVWCA is now FREE. Please join us.

Even though you may not have a 'vintage' VW yet, we encourage and welcome you to join our Chapter. You will learn about older VW's through our knowledgeable members, reading our newsletter, and attending our meetings and shows.

New The Golden Gate Gazette out now! Sep-Dec 2021

Historical note, May 7th 2022 will be the 40th anniversary of the Golden Gate Chapter.

Kelley Park Announcement: The Golden Gate Chapter of the Vintage VW Club of America will be hosting their 37th Annual Spring Meet on Sunday, April 24 at the San Jose Historical Museum. More information forthcoming.

- Rick Spohn

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