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The Golden Gate Chapter of the Vintage Volkswagen Club of America is open to anyone with an interest in Volkswagens.

Ownership of a VW is not a prerequisite. Since we are a subgroup of the VVWCA, it is recommended that you are also become a member of the National VVWCA. The VVWCA is now FREE.

Even though your VW may not be 'vintage' (25 years or older) yet, we encourage and welcome you to join our Chapter. You will learn about older VW's through our knowledgeable members, reading our newsletter, and attending our meetings and shows.

Kelley Park Info - April 14th 2019 - 35th Anniversary

Richard Stewart and Family need our community support. If you can help our friends in need, the GGC would greatly appreciate any assistance you can give. Please visit their go fund me page.

More information below.

When I heard that the town of Paradise CA was wiped off the map by forest fires, I thought of Richard Stewart and his family, who moved up there from Salinas about 15 years ago. When I reached out to him to see if he was ok, all I heard back was- “Me and the family got out safe I lost everything thank you for checking in Mark”

Richard and his wife Michelle were barely able to escape the flames before the town was decimated. Instead of gathering personal items, Richard fled their home to help their three kids get away safely, and was unable to return to their place in Paradise. He lost everything, including his modest collection of Chevys and VWs.

Those of you who know Richard, know solid of a guy he is. He would give you the shirt off his back and ask for nothing in return. He organizes and hosts the Red Barn swap every Kelly Park weekend. A true enthusiast from way back, he didn’t have a cush job that allowed him to buy any car he wanted. He built his collection when regular folks could still afford these cars.

And when we spoke a couple days after the fires, I asked him if they had any money tucked away. His response keeps coming back to me. “I had all my money in cars”

The outpouring of generosity through this fundraiser has been overwhelming so far. Richard and his family thank you for anything you have given so far, and continue to donate.

I am trying to give updates through my instagram @thebusbarn and through the thread on samba, which can be linked to off the samba start page.

Thank you thank you thank you-

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Kelley Park Info - April 14th 2019 - 35th Anniversary

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